Additional Services


Value Added Services

Custom 3PL offers a wide variety of value added services that can enhance and compliment your core business.  We can help with those processes that can be sporadic, time consuming or take up too much space.

Product Assembly & Kitting

Our product assembly and kitting services can support your operation in many ways.  We can help your building be “bigger” by eliminating pre-stage operations and reducing your overall inventory. You will be able to simplify your material management at your site and help with the planning of your manufacturing activities and purchasing activities. We can be an extension of your operation and work to the same specifications and tolerances that you would within your own facility.


Product Inspection

productinspection1We will perform inspection functions on your product to your exact guidelines. If you have inbound goods from overseas, we can provide quality checks on goods or verify labeling requirements. If you have returned goods and need inspection for rework or final disposition, we can provide timely, accurate inspection.

Retail Packaging

Custom 3PL, Inc. can be your packaging/labeling processor for your retail outlets or retail customers. We can label, package and wrap to your specification that will result in shelf ready product at the retail level.


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